I want to thank all the Texans who participated in our campaign and endorsed our priorities to ensure all Texas communities have access to:

  • Well-rounded school meals
  • Access to economic opportunities, including internet connectivity
  • A modernized state agency that serves all Texans

This morning, I gave Susan Hays my congratulations on being the the 2022 Democratic nominee for Texas Ag Commissioner and offered to lend a hand on the issues that have been left behind by Sid Miller and Republican leadership.

While the analysis of my campaign has just begun, the most worrisome trend I’m seeing is that rural Texans are falling far behind in both engagement and influence. It is critical that statewide policy makers increase their efforts to educate Texans—across party lines—on the interdependence between the urban and rural parts of the state.

I look forward to sharing more later and am available to discuss at any time.

My deepest thanks to the core group of friends and family, and more broadly to Texans from all walks of life who supported my campaign. I want to particularly thank my wife Amanda and (now) 5 month old son, who were at my side throughout the process, offering support and inspiration.

While I may not be the change Texas chose last night, we sure need it. I’ll continue to do whatever I can to deliver it.

Work hard, tell the truth, look out for your neighbor,

Ed Ireson
March 2, 2022