Ed is running for Congress because folks in Dallas deserve a Congressman who looks out for their needs, not a rubber stamp for Donald Trump. While Pete Sessions stands with Donald Trump 100 percent of the time, Ed will focus on what families here in Dallas need – better-paying jobs where people are treated with dignity, more affordable health care that they can count on and making sure all of our kids are ready to compete in a changing economy. 


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Better Paying Jobs Where People are Treated with Dignity

The hard work and ingenuity of American workers has fueled economic growth in our country over the past several years.  But while corporations have seen record profits, the people contributing the most to the success of these companies have not seen the benefits of their labor.  Working families are feeling the squeeze, paychecks are not going up, and career paths are stalled.  And as our economy experiences rapid change due to increased automation and technological advances and reduced bargaining power, concerns over the future of work are heightened. 

To respond to these challenges, I will spend every day working for better paying jobs where people are treated with dignity and to protect the right of workers to organize for better employment contracts. Washington politicians have turned their backs on working families, and now more than ever we need representatives who will stand up to them and stand up for families. I will fight to invest in skill building and long-term careers; level the playing field for women; and make Texas a global clean energy power.

  • Invest in Skill Building and Long-Term Careers

    Technology has been changing at a break neck pace, and so has our economy. But we should not leave anyone behind. Together we must invest in real job training and skill building programs that get results for all workers whether that means reaching for a promotion or getting a new high-tech job. We must provide opportunities for people to grow their skills and make sure that families can rely on stable and long-term income as they save to send their kids to college or enjoy their hard-earned retirement.

  • Level the Playing Field for Women in the Economy

    An economy that unfairly burdens women is not an economy that is working at its fullest potential. All too often, without affordable childcare and paid leave, women are sidelined at work. And two-thirds of all minimum wage earners are women. This is bad for women, bad for families, and bad for our economy. I’ll fight for a living wage, push for paid family leave and bring the community together to make sure that North Texas has affordable high-quality childcare for everyone, not just those at the top.

  • Make Texas a Global Clean Energy Power

    In Texas, we know how to dream big and that goes for our economy too. The math is plain and simple: clean energy is good for business and it’s good for jobs. Texas is the leading wind energy producer in the country and we are rapidly generating more solar power each year.  That’s why I want to strengthen our green economy: we will ensure that our children and grandchildren have a safe and healthy environment to live and we can expand job opportunities now. Texas has an opportunity to lead the world in developing the clean energy technology of the future, we must seize that opportunity for our environment and economy.


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Fulfilling the Right to Healthcare in the United States 

Growing up watching my parents work as medical missionaries in Nigeria taught me about the importance of having access to quality, affordable healthcare.  Healthcare is a basic human right. It’s heartbreaking that we still do not guarantee this right in our country.  Despite the incredible progress made by the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans, including over 4 million Texans, still lack health insurance.  This is unacceptable.  That is why we should be expanding access to healthcare to cover more people rather than taking away health insurance from tens of millions of Americans, including 2.4 million in Texas as Pete Sessions and Republicans in Congress want to do. 

In Congress, I will fight to fulfill the right to healthcare in the United States.  This includes providing universal coverage, increasing access and affordability, lowering prescription drug costs, protecting women’s health, and ensuring public health preparedness.

  • Universal Coverage

    The right to healthcare in the United States must start with a healthcare system that provides universal coverage.  In the short term, we must stabilize and strengthen the Affordable Care Act’s remarkable achievements - including the significant increase in the number of people with health insurance and guaranteed coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.  I will also work to make Medicare, or another public coverage plan, available to all individuals and employers through buy-in options and expanded enrollment eligibility.  The improved access and cost savings achieved through this plan would be a significant step on the path towards implementing a robust system that provides healthcare for all.

  • Increasing Access and Affordability

    In addition to guaranteeing universal coverage, we also need to ensure people can access and afford the healthcare services they need.  We need to expand funding for community health centers, ensure an adequate healthcare provider workforce, and effectively use technology to reduce barriers to accessing services.  We also must find policies that lower our skyrocketing healthcare costs.  These include increased support for proven prevention programs and implementing innovative provider reimbursement models.  

  • Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

    Everyone should be able get the medications they need to live a quality life. Too many Texans cannot afford to fill their prescriptions. We must make medications more affordable for all. Our government needs to be able to negotiate lower prices with drug companies. We also need to encourage drug development and competition through changes in our approval and patent processes.   I will fight to ensure access to safe, effective, and affordable prescription drugs for all.          

  • Women's Health

    We need to expand, not restrict, access to women's health services. Here in Texas, we continue to see unacceptably high rates of teen pregnancy, maternal mortality, and sexually transmitted infections.  I believe strongly in protecting Roe v. Wade. We must ensure continued federal funding for women’s health services, including Planned Parenthood.  We must also increase access to care through additional funding for community health centers and by protecting maternity and family planning coverage in insurance plans.

  • Public Health Preparedness

    The right to health also includes the prevention of and protection from public health threats. Over the past few years, we Texans have witnessed firsthand how seemingly remote communicable diseases such as Ebola or Zika can quickly become a local public health emergency.  We need to ensure we are prepared for the next public health threat before it happens.


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Opportunity Through Education

Every Texas child deserves the best education.  It shouldn’t matter where a child lives or how much money their parents make. I’ve been committed to this goal through my leadership of Big Thought, a Dallas-based nonprofit that works to close the opportunity gap in education.  And I will continue to advance this mission in Congress. Donald Trump and Pete Sessions are working hand in hand to push budgets that slash funding for education and make it harder on American families to succeed. Unlike them, I will fight to invest in our children’s future by investing in their education. I will fight to ensure that every child has the opportunity to live up to his or her potential by providing universal pre-K; investing in teachers and innovations in K-12 education; and ensuring college is affordable.

  • Providing Universal Pre-K

    Research has shown that investments in early childhood education pay significant long-term dividends for children. However, too many families in Texas don’t have access to quality and affordable pre-k for their children. All children, regardless of background, deserve the same opportunity to get a jumpstart on learning. I will fight to expand investments in early education to ensure that all students have access to universal pre-k.

  • Investing in Teachers and Innovations in K-12 Education

    In our rapidly changing world, we must increase our investment in our children’s future.  I will fight for larger investments in strong public schools and teachers to ensure Texas leads the nation in education, and work to ensure public money goes to public schools. Our teachers are facing increased demands and challenges.  We should invest in professional development and teacher compensation to ensure teachers and school leaders have everything they need to support our children.  We need to ensure that our students are learning social and emotional skills along with core academics to prepare them for work and life.  And we should increase investments in STEM education and career and technical education to help prepare students for the jobs of the future. The right educational opportunity can open the door to economic success, so whether students want to attend a traditional 4-year college or follow another exciting path, our schools must be providing them with the tools they need to succeed. This means, we should be creating partnerships and pathways between local high schools and community colleges to provide job training and vocational skills programs that open opportunities to future prosperity.

  • Ensuring College is Affordable

    Money should never stop a young Texan from going to college. In a global economy, it is more important than ever that we have the best-educated workforce in the world, especially here in Texas.  I will fight to make sure that families in Texas making under $125,000 a year do not have to pay tuition for four-year public colleges and universities in Texas.  I want to make sure that all community colleges offer free tuition for all students.  But the fight doesn’t end with students gaining access to college.  I will work to make sure that debt doesn’t hold students back and that the federal government does not make money on the backs of students. We need to help borrowers refinance their loans at lower rates and put more money in their pocket.


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Keeping Americans Safe By Standing Up for Our Interests and Values

Never before have we faced such a complex array of challenges across the globe. Yet to meet those challenges and keep our society safe and economy growing, we cannot simply hide behind our borders or sacrifice the key sources of our strength – or rely on erratic posturing and tweeted insults. We need to invest in a foreign policy suited for the challenges of today, one that draws on all the tools of American leadership to protect our people, interests, and values.

With Donald Trump in the White House, it is more important than ever that our representatives in Congress stand up for what is best in the long tradition of American leadership while checking the volatile and dangerous actions of President Trump. Serving in the Obama administration, I saw firsthand, everywhere from Washington to Baghdad to Mexico City, what it takes to keep America safe, fight for middle-class jobs in a global economy, and advance our interests and values around the world. With the benefit of that experience, I will fight for a foreign policy that leverages all the sources of our strength and work to build the smart, strong, and steady American leadership so sorely needed today.


  • Supporting smart American leadership that advances our interests

    As a State Department official, I was honored to partner closely with the men and women who work to protect American interests every day, whether in uniform, in our embassies, or in humanitarian endeavors in the field. I saw how much they can do when given the right backing from Washington, and also how often Washington fails to give it to them. I will fight efforts to destroy our diplomacy and development work, cost-effective tools that help address threats, whether terrorists or nuclear-armed state adversaries, before they reach us in the United States and before they require a military solution. Rather than undermining these tools, we need to invest multi-pronged American leadership for the world today – leadership that can do everything from addressing challenges from states like China and Russia, to building on the global effort to combat climate change, to ensuring that the global economy delivers middle-class jobs at home. And we should recognize how much efforts like a bipartisan commitment to fighting AIDS, the PEPFAR program started under Bush and continued under Obama, do not just to make the world a better place, but also to advance our interests.

  • Investing in our military and veterans

    After too many years of misguided war, we need to focus on rebuilding our military and reinvesting in our troops in a smart and efficient way. That means developing the tools for the challenges of tomorrow, rather than settling for giveaways to military contractors, and recognizing that we cannot have a strong military if we do not take care of our service members and their families. It also means accepting all those who wish to come forward and serve with honor, and not losing sight of the fact that our diversity is a unique strength. A strong military built for the challenges of tomorrow should be a key tool for helping us prevent new wars, while keeping America safe from foreign terrorists and hostile states alike.

    We also must make sure that we are honoring the service of our veterans when they return back home.  We must ensure that veterans receive timely and high quality health care and that we help connect their unique job skills and experience to career paths in the private sector. 

  • Standing up for American values

    America has too often learned the hard way that when we fail to stand by our own values, we not only betray what is best in our own history, we also makes ourselves less secure. Keeping out refugees, imposing religious tests on immigrants, and casually endorsing torture undermines our leadership and increases the threats to our safety. America should never fail to speak for and stand by the core values that are at the center of who we are.


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Living Up to the Promise of Equality for All

Over the past century, we have taken many steps forward and slowly started to build a more inclusive society, but today, entrenched injustices remain barriers to so many. We have failed to live up to our founding principle that every person is created equal.

Under both parties, we haven’t done nearly enough to ensure the promise of equal opportunity. But with this Administration and Congress, we have seen a further erosion of civil rights protections in an effort to take our country backwards. In Congress, I will champion the fights to expand opportunity, protect civil rights, and build a stronger society where all people are treated with dignity and respect.


    It is long past time for LGBTQ members of our community to enjoy the same rights as any other individual. It is simply unacceptable that LGBTQ individuals can be fired or discriminated against, simply because of who they are or who they love. We cannot stand for the status quo and must fight to change it.

    In Congress, I will work to enshrine these protections into law through measures like the Equality Act and more, and push back against attacks on the progress we’ve made. I will be a proud ally of the LGBTQ community in Washington and North Texas.



    Voting is a right that is central to who we are. The never-ending assault on voting rights through discriminatory Voter ID laws, limited early voting, and tireless efforts to make it harder to vote are undemocratic and go against our values.

    In addition to fighting against damaging efforts to curtail voting rights, I will proactively advocate for legislation and policies to expand voting rights. We should be making it easier for Americans to vote, not harder.

    In Congress, I would push for policies like automatic voter registration. I also would fight to restore and modernize the Voting Rights Act to rectify the disastrous Supreme Court decision to gut the law.


    Our criminal justice system is broken. Mass incarceration in this country is unjust, immoral and harmful to our society and economy. Furthermore, it doesn’t help public safety and places tremendous costs on our communities, with particularly discriminatory impact on African American and Latino communities. 

    We must enact comprehensive criminal justice reform. This is an issue with strong, bipartisan support and I would fight to capitalize on this momentum. In Congress, I will work to reform our system through common sense efforts like bail reform, sentencing reform, ending the system of for-profit prisons, instituting drug addiction and mental health diversion programs, and more. We must end the era of mass incarceration.


    We also face entrenched societal barriers to equal rights that are discriminatory and harm our economy and society. We must take proactive measures to right the wrongs that have been done.  Not only is it the right thing to do, but it is the smart thing to do. When we hold back African American and Latino communities, and women, our economy suffers.

    I will fight for economic measures to level the playing field for those who have been unfairly disadvantaged by our systems. Through efforts like opening up new lines of credit to women and minority communities that have been denied equal opportunity in access to capital, I’ll work to build a stronger economy. I also will push for expanded affordable housing, expanded anti-discrimination policies, and more to build a more inclusive and equitable society. Through my time leading Big Thought, an education non-profit in Dallas, I worked to level the playing field and expand opportunity here in North Texas. In Congress, I’ll continue that fight.

    I will fight for all of these rights and more for every American and for the 32nd District to ensure we truly build an economy and a society that work for all.